As of now there are not yet any locations. We are hopeful to begin our first Transition Community soon, somewhere in the Asheville, NC area.

If you own a property that you'd like to have a Transition Community built, please let us know!

Here's some qualities that would help make the optimal Transition Community:

- Southern facing hills (can be east, south, or west but south is optimal)

- Flat or nearly flat bottom land with good soil at or near the center of the land

- Water (this can be from wells, streams, ponds or springs)

- Good cell phone service

- Close to a city (within 40 miles, the closer the better)

- Amenable neighbors and local politics

- Currently existing utilities on-site (phone, internet, electric as basics)

- Subdivided or Subdividable, currently zoned appropriately for Transition Community

- Fee simple title

- 15 acres minimum up to several hundred acres (less acreage is acceptable if optimal conditions are met)

- Currently existing livable and usable structures

- First project will be as close as possible to or within the Asheville, North Carolina city limits