Joules is a work-trade "currency" concept, which does not utilize a fractional-reserve system and prohibits hoarding of wealth from it's inception. The term is used as a play on words as it sounds like "jewels" which is associated with material wealth, when it's actually a unit of effort-contribution in our use.

Joule (\ˈjül): "A unit of work or energy equal to the work done by a force."

Here's How It Works:

• Work on the community lands will be assigned value per hour of Joules.

• Various jobs will be listed for community members to fulfill, earning Joules.

• Earned Joules can pay towards incurred community charges such as a home's rental cost or locally grown/served food.

• One Joule is equal to one US Dollar, as the rental costs may fluctuate with the American market in Transistion Community's developmental stages.
We will work to move away from this method over time.

• US Dollars paid toward rent will go towards expenses of the community/expansion materials required.

• Joules can not ever:
  (1) Be printed into paper currency
  (2) Be accumulated into an account of any sort
  (3) Be loaned or used to accumulate interest
  (4) Be used for any means other than covering community charges