How It Works

    Transition is a community of sustainable homes ("Earthship" style) that can be made affordable to the average individual by allowing rental. People living in the community will go through an application process (see "Apply" above) to find the right match of individuals to get this movement started right!

    Our goal is to provide an alternative to our current state of society, which many of us wish to evolve away from. It is an effort to reduce dependance so that we can start to work towards a different way of living that cares for the earth and all people equally. We believe that the best solution is an RBE (Resource Based Economy) somewhat similar to what The Venus Project proposes (

    The community utilizes US Dollars and our new "currency" (see "Joules"
above.) Joules can be used to offset the costs of living in the community and can be earned by working on the property. Jobs on the community will include:

• Home/structure building
• Working in permaculture
• Land maintenance
• Prepping/cooking food
• And many more

    The opportunity to own property and become a permanent resident will also be available. If you decide to become a permanent resident and own, it opens the opportunity of a custom home of any size.

    We will create as much of our own clean sustainable energy as possible. Some examples are: hydroelectric, solar, wind, and potentially others depending on the location. Catching our own water from rain would be implemented if necessary, but fresh water wells or springs would be used prodominantly where possible.

   This style of living includes many improvements for sustainability, but the majority results from the "Earthship" style homes. Make sure to check out the "Structures" section above.